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Learn how to strategically grow and scale your consulting or coaching business with corporate contracts.

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At each level of service offering, I work shoulder-to-shoulder with you every step of the way. Everything is customized to your specific situation and business goals. Proven and time-tested tools, templates and strategies help you understand, integrate and implement what you learn to drive the results you’re seeking.

The Kim and Chris Report

Corporate Predictions 2021

The must-have guide for consultants and small business owners to get in the door and meet the needs of corporate clients in our shifting marketplace.

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Why work with Kim Chernecki?

Through my experience as a top-achieving Sales Performance Executive, I learned to personally crack the code on what it takes for service-based businesses to get in the door and land corporate contracts. My professional coaching and training services are based on real-world, practical strategies that are results-focused and non-salesy in approach.

Those who commit to working smart and implementing what they learn will see the best results.
On average, 90% of my clients make their investment back after they land their first corporate contract.
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Kim has consulted with executives from 100+ leading North American Fortune 1000 companies
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She has started up 10 businesses and business divisions so she knows how to grow a profitable small business.
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Kim has closed and helped her clients close millions of dollars in corporate contracts
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She has developed a powerful and proven 6-step methodology to help small business owners fast track closing corporate contracts
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Kim brings more than 25 years of entrepreneurial and corporate experience to her clients
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Success stories

I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 1000 executives, consultants and small business owners. And I really appreciate their feedback!

“Landed my first corporate contract with one of the largest national financial corporations.”
Jennifer Maxwell
Founder & CEO, The Art of Connection
“Saw measurable results that confirmed everything Kim taught me.”
Sanjiv Purba
Partner, ZoftNow Inc.
“I like the templates that shorten the prospecting time frame.”
Steve Bratt
President, SSD Training
“Totally worth the investment and then some!”
Cheryl Byrne
CEO, Cheryl Byrne Consulting
"Totally worth the investment, and then some!"
Cheryl Byrne
CEO, Cheryl Byrne Consulting
"I did what Kim taught me, and knocked it out of the park!"
Dragica Grbavac
Managing Director, UVIDI Consulting
"I now have much more clarity on who - and how - to connect with."
Ted Creighton
P.Eng MBA. Focal Point Business Coaching
"Kim Chernecki absolutely shines as a coach and trainer."
Steve Bratt
President, SSD Training

Insights and commentary

Look through my blog for ongoing, free, actionable advice.

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The game-changing client acquisition strategy of highly successful consultants

Consultants who sell to corporate MUST strategically navigate the selling process. This goes beyond simply naming your niche and packaging your services. There are very distinct nuances that must be paid attention to in order to build a successful and sustainable consulting business as a Trusted Advisor.

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Take your first step to freedom.

The road ahead can look foggy or daunting at any juncture in your business. That’s when you need to lean on a Trusted Advisor who can help you carve a clear path ahead. I’ll meet you where you are, listen carefully to your challenges and help you strategize what to do next.

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