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Build your business the smart way.

These strategic and targeted customized coaching programs are perfect for you if you are a small business owner seeking to build or scale your business in a powerful way. These programs could also be for you if you want help in one specific aspect of your business..

Create your Unique Value Proposition

In order to capture the attention of a corporate prospect, you must have a value and benefit-laden core message that taps into a specific corporate need, gap or challenge. Is your current Unique Value Proposition(UVP) statement doing all it can to help sell you and your services to corporate buyers? In this powerful, interactive 1:1 session, we’ll collaborate around a proven 5-step process to create your UVP that showcases your strengths while being strategically tailored to your corporate market’s challenges and needs

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Prospecting in the digital age

Getting in the door and selling to corporate has dramatically changed over the past 25 years. Gone are the days when pitching by cold calling – otherwise known as “Dialing for Dollars” – ruled the sales game.  Technology has ushered in a whole new way of accessing information and communicating with prospects that is much more effective for building and nurturing relationships – if you do it right.

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Catapult Your Busines with Corporate Workshops

As a freelance executive or small business owner with deep experience in the corporate trenches, you can learn how to capitalize on who you are, what you know, and leverage and OWN your full body of work and turn that into YOUR Intellectual Property that can be used andre-purposed in all kinds of ways, and particularly through Corporate Workshops.

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Creating your Signature Talk

Speaking is one of the fastest ways to gain exposure, leads and close sales. The opportunity to speak at conferences and other corporate events, puts you in front of many people at once. Whether you present your talk at a live in-person event, via livestream or webinar, it’s a great way to bring value to new audiences, time and time again.

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Design and Deliver your Signature Corporate Event

Nothing builds your credibility as the “go-to” resource or expert and thought leader in your field than creating and producing your own corporate event.  This could be an Executive Breakfast, Executive Roundtable or panel discussion. Producing a special event for corporate leaders demands a solid structure, strategy, confidence and professionalism at every turn in order to ensure you “knock it out of the park”.

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Your Ultimate Business Blueprint

Together we’ll create a comprehensive, measurable and actionable 3-Year Strategic and Tactical Plan so you can build a successful, sustainable and scalable business in the quickest, most efficient way possible.

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Dream Business Mapping

You know you want to start your own business but you may be unclear as to what your service or product offerings will be. Services that will make you unique and truly differentiate you in the marketplace.

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"Ask me anything" VIP sessions

These sessions are for anything you want to discuss, whether an issue with business development, contracts, how to handle a new opportunity, a discovery meeting or anything else related to selling to corporate.

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Take your first step to freedom.

The road ahead can look foggy or daunting at any juncture in your business. That’s when you need to lean on a Trusted Advisor who can help you carve a clear path ahead. I’ll meet you where you are, listen carefully to your challenges and help you strategize what to do next.

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