design and deliver your signature corporate event

Nothing builds your credibility as the “go-to” resource or expert and thought leader in your field than creating and producing your own corporate event. This could be an Executive Breakfast, Executive Roundtable or panel discussion. Producing a special event for corporate leaders demands a solid structure, strategy, confidence and professionalism at every turn in order to ensure you “knock it out of the park”.

In this strategic and interactive session, we'll collaborate together to:
  • Choose the right type of corporate event for you to build and execute
  • Develop a sizzling topic and event theme that will attract corporate decision makers
  • Build a blueprint that maps out the flow of your event as well as includes approach to promote, engage potential speakers and sponsors
  • Position yourself as an expert who adds value, which builds credibility 
  • Map detailed logistics to ensure your event will run like a well-oiled machine
Half-DAY SESSION (3.5 hours)

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