Speaking is one of the fastest ways to gain exposure, leads and close sales. The opportunity to speak at conferences and other corporate events, puts you in front of many people at once. Whether you present your talk at a live in-person event, via livestream or webinar, it’s a great way to bring value to new audiences, time and time again.

Lean on my in-depth experience, having developed and delivered hundreds of programs, talks, webinars and workshops to thousands of executives, small business owners and corporate audiences.

In this strategic and interactive session, we'll collaborate together to:

  • Choose a topic and create learning objectives and outcomes that are relevant to your target audience’s challenges and needs
  • Develop an easy, repeatable framework for your presentation
  • Create the core content, i.e. opening, middle and closing that will keep your corporate audience engaged to the end
  • Infuse stories and personal insights into talking points
  • Add humour (where relevant)
  • Identify and clarify a “juicy” offer or “Call to Action” that your audience will be interested in so you can develop opportunities and business as a result of your talk
  • Ensure your participants walk away with a value-add bonus in addition to your offer

Deliverable: Structure and Blueprint for your Signature talk as well as core content messaging and strategy checklist for ‘knocking it outof the park’ to deliver with all your talks and presentations.


To see if this session is right for you, sign up for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session.