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Are you an established consultant or coach in need of new direction? Would you like to strategically showcase your value, deep experience and skills in a way that totally resonates with your corporate prospects and clients?

I understand where you are. You’ve been blazing your own trail and living your purpose. But things may not be taking shape the way you envisioned when you first started out.

You could be feeling that:

  • It's been harder to ramp up and get clients or you've hit an unexpected plateau
  • You’re stuck with all your eggs in one basket because you’ve relied on one big corporate client to drive revenue
  • The business landscape is changing with all the endless disruptions and you’re not sure how to manage that
  • Your sales pipeline isn’t as healthy as it once was
  • Or perhaps you’re ready to supercharge your current success by building a team of associate consultants so you can drive that multiple 6-7 figure income you’re always dreamed about.

Basically, you’ve hit a bump in the road. And you’re ready to get strategic guidance on next steps.

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The Small Business Owners program could be just the fit for you. You’ll discover how to:

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Revisit your Unique Value Proposition to ensure it’s clear and tailored to your ideal target corporate clients

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Review and refine your service offerings so you can secure renewable contracts

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Engage and tweak your reach-out approach and your discovery meeting process

  • Define or refine your approach to “getting in the door” with your target corporate decision makers
  • Refine your approach to those first Discovery meetings so you “knock it out of the park”, make a great first impression and identify opportunities for doing business with them
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Refine your sales approach to build a sustainable and healthy 6+-figure sales pipeline

All of these components and much more go into to helping you build a sustainable and scalable business!

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Trailblazer Silver

6-Week, Live-Via-Webinar Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track™ Group Interactive Program

Discover the proven 6-step methodology to landing corporate contracts. These unique strategies have been time-tested with my own business as well as with hundreds of my clients. What you learn is completely customizable to your business. Besides the processes, templates and checklists, you’ll also get my support in a private Facebook group as well as from your fellow participants. There are also opportunities to get 1:1 laser coaching during the calls too (where relevant and applicable).

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Trailblazer Gold

6-Week, Live-Via-Webinar Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track™ Group Interactive Program Plus 3 – 1:1 VIP Half-Days

Move faster and deeper through your business development cycle by augmenting what you learn in the Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track Program.

Option 1: Engage in 3 VIP Half-Days (3.5 hours each) where we will go deeper on the program modules, explore your specific challenges and opportunities, and get clarity and processes set up around all of your next steps to landing corporate business. Implementation will be key!

Option 2: Develop your Ultimate Business Blueprint over 3 VIP Half-Days (3.5 hours each) that will give you a strategic plan and detailed, actionable steps for the next 3 years of your business.

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Trailblazer Platinum

9 (nine) 1:1 VIP Half-Day Sessions + Much More

Work with me 1:1 until you land your first or next 2 corporate clients.

Together we’ll take a deep dive into every aspect of your business development at the granular level, including all the processes you currently use and look at how to improve them, so you have a sustainable, repeatable process.

I’ll be working shoulder-to-shoulder with you, coaching and advising at every stage, reviewing all of your content, reach-outs, marketing materials, and more. You can test, in the real-world, new tactics and strategies based on my proven methods. You’ll also have unlimited access to me for the duration of our engagement.

NOTE: This option is not available for everyone. An application is required to assess if we’re the right fit.

Success stories

I’ve had the pleasure of working with over 1000 executives, consultants and small business owners. And I really appreciate their feedback!

“Got two new clients worth $15,000 AND snagged a dream client!”
Eva Jannotta
Digital Marketing Strategist, Owner, Simply Put Social Media Strategies
"I did what Kim taught me, and knocked it out of the park!"
Dragica Grbavac
Managing Director, UVIDI Consulting
"With Kim's assistance, I immediately landed a $7,000 contract with a major corporation."
Linda Kern
Sales Growth Expert, The Kern Group, Inc.
"I realized the value of my skillset and the potential for me to pivot full-time into my consulting practice."
Emi Garzitto
Conflict Coach, Creative Edge Consulting

Answers to common questions

If you have questions about how I can help with your challenges, chances are I've heard them before. View some of the most common questions and answers below.

I’ve built a thriving business which I’ve run for 15+ years and have provided great value with repeat clients in the same industry sector. However, that industry is declining and so is my revenue! I haven’t had to proactively sell my services for years. How do I drive new business in the digital age?

I get it! Every industry is being disrupted – some more quickly than others. The good news is corporate North America needs lots of help from consultants and small business owners to navigate those changes. Which means there are countless opportunities for you to win lucrative contracts. Beware, though, as prospecting is no longer about ‘dialing for dollars’. You have to be strategic in your approach. Want to learn more? Schedule your free no-obligation 30-minute strategy session.

I’ve had a solid business selling to B2C as well as some smaller B2B clients and have finally hit the 6-figure mark. Now I want to take my business to multiple 6-figures and land some ‘meaty’ corporate clients. But the thought of reaching out to big corporate clients and decision makers is intimidating. Will I get eaten up and spit out?

I hear that a lot, especially if you haven’t sold to big corporate clients before. Firstly, you can often get as much business from organizations with 200 employees as you can with 20,000 (with a lot less ‘red tape’!).  Whether you want to work with small or large corporate B2B clients, people are people and they EXPECT to be approached by 3rd party suppliers. The key is knowing how to approach them in a way that is consultative, effective and non-salesy. That’s where I can help.  I invite you to sign up for a no-obligation 30-minute strategy session where we’ll take a look at your current challenges and discuss with you about ways to move forward.

I’ve built a successful business on one big corporate client (and a few small ones here and there) and now the players are changing. I’m afraid with all my eggs in one basket I’ve put myself at risk. What should I do?

Sounds like you need to diversify. One of the most important keys to a healthy, sustainable business is a healthy sales pipeline with a combination of short, medium and long-term projects and opportunities. Want to make that happen? Sign up for your free, no-obligation 30-minute strategy session. You’ll walk away with clarity around what to do next.

I’ve had my consulting business for a year now and had some fast wins and landed consulting gigs through my network but that seems to be drying up. I’m not good at Cold Calling and don’t want to do it. Can’t I just hire some lead generation services to get the leads for me?

Hmmm. This can be quite the dilemma for a lot of business owners. I don’t like “cold calling either”, which is why I never do it and encourage my clients not to as well. All your business development efforts need to be “warm”.  Regarding hiring lead generation services, it’s my long-held opinion that one of your primary responsibilities as a business owner is to be a “rainmaker” and be the core driver in bring in new deals, particularly in the first few years. No-one can represent the face of your business at this critical stage better than you. Want to learn how make it rain? Sign up for your no-cost 30-minute strategy session where we can go deeper into your business development challenges and develop viable options for your next move.

I seem to get little contracts here and there, but I can’t seem to land bigger pieces of business. How do I land those 1000-day clients I’ve heard you talk about?

You may need to think about your overall service offerings (what and how many) as well as how you position them. In fact, you may need to think bigger! I can help. Let's talk.

I tend to get side-tracked with “bright shiny objects” and need a partner to drive accountability and keep me on track. Can you help?

There is nothing more important to staying the course, no matter what comes at you. I’ve got your back! Let’s discuss your support options during your free 30-minute strategy session. Speak to you soon!

If you have a different question not addressed above, just sign up for a complimentary 30-minute strategy session.

Supercharge growth with proven, practical guidance

Choose the option that makes the most sense for your business. Everything you learn is built around my proven 6-step methodology for landing corporate contracts.

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trailblazer silver

6-Week Live-Via-Webinar Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track Group Coaching Program

Intake: March, May and October 2020

OPTION 1: Full payment

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OPTION 2: Two payments of:

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6 x 90-min live interactive classes (first class is 2 hours to allow for introductions, course framework and first module)

Call recordings, homework, slide decks, chat files and full member library of resources

Private interactive Facebook group

LCCFTS High Converting Proposal Starter Kit

Thought Leader Self-Study Program

Get access to everything for life!

Icon for Trailblazer Gold program

trailblazer gold

6-Week, Live-Via-Webinar Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track™ Group Interactive Program Plus 3 – 1:1 VIP Half-Days

Everything in the Trailblazer Silver program plus your choice of either:

OPTION 1: 3 VIP Half-Days
Build on our proven methodology with 3 VIP Half-Days (3.5 hrs each)
to strategize the next steps in your business.

Select option 1


OPTION 2: Ultimate Business Blueprint.
Get the next 3 years of your entire business mapped out on one page. Spend 3 Half-Days (3.5 hrs each) building a solid plan with actionable steps and timelines. Get more details on the Ultimate Business Blueprint program here.

Select option 2
Photo for Trailblazer Platinum program

trailblazer platinum

Private 1:1 Coaching Customized to Your Business (6-month engagement), which includes:

9 (nine) 1:1 Half-Day sessions (3.5 hours each)

Ultimate Business Blueprint (get program details here)

Unlimited email and text access

Bonus Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track group coaching 6-week live-via-webinar course

Access to Private interactive Facebook Group

I’ll work with you every step of the way until you land your first or next 2 corporate clients (6-month maximum engagement)

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Not sure which package is best for you?

Schedule a free, 30-minute strategy session with Kim to help you decide on the best starting point for you and your business.

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Take your first step to freedom.

The road ahead can look foggy or daunting at any juncture in your business. That’s when you need to lean on a Trusted Advisor who can help you carve a clear path ahead. I’ll meet you where you are, listen carefully to your challenges and help you strategize what to do next.

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