Corporate Conversations: Adrian Victor

This is the second interview in an ongoing series of Corporate Conversations brought to you by Freedom Street.

My colleague Chris McGirr and I are interviewing corporate decision makers and other thought leaders about how freelance executives, consultants and small business owners can pivot their business offerings, services and approach to the sudden "new world of work" we find ourselves in.

Each interview is intended to give you timely insights about what's happening in organizations today, and what corporate decision makers need and want from external service providers.

In this interview, we are talking with Adrian Victor, Founder & CEO of Amplitude.

Amplitude is an HR consulting firm that specializes in Leadership Development, Employee Engagement and Coaching. Adrian's experience spans a variety of industries including retail, food service, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing and aerospace, to name a few. In his corporate and consulting careers, Adrian has worked with large organizations that include Walmart, dentalcorp, Unilever, George Brown College, Toronto Board of Trade and Airbus, helping to build employee engagement and develop leadership capability.

About the author

Kim Chernecki helps high-performing freelance executives, consultants, coaches and other experts, land lucrative corporate contracts. She is the creator of the Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track System, and is a top-rated sales performance executive, facilitator, coach, advisor, speaker and strategist. A 25-year entrepreneur, Kim has consulted with executives from 100+ leading North American and Fortune 1000 companies and has, herself, started up and helped grow 10 businesses and business divisions. She’s closed millions of dollars in corporate contracts, and provides powerful strategies and proven formulas to help her clients do the same.

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