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How to define, structure and create your dream consulting or coaching business, and grow it to a 6 figure income without compromising who you are.

What is a Dream Business?

dreamsThe perfect business uniquely aligned to you; where you tap into and express your fullest possible potential and add the most value; enjoy the freedom and flexibility you desire; and grow to a 6-figure income or more.           
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Women Entrepreneurs

Do you believe it’s possible to do what you love, make a difference AND create a successful and sustainable business?  I’m here to tell you that “you can have your cake and eat it too!”   Click here to learn more>>

Small Business Owners

You have created a successful small business – congratulations!  Now you’ve determined it’s time to “up-level”.  There are 3 keys to doing this.  #1 KEY… become a “trailblazer” in your unique areas of expertise. Click here to learn more>> 

Executives in Transition

In my experience working with executives from hundreds of Fortune 1000 organizations, I’ve found that 90% of folks transitioning out of corporate North America pursue the path of consulting and/or executive coaching (as they love developing people!). Are you dreaming about ”hanging your shingle” as a consultant or executive coach?  Click here to learn more>>

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~ Michelle Fornier ~
Kim inspires you to think big and most women were not raised to be big! If you have a business idea or concept and want someone to bring out your passions in a big way that creates abundance and prosperity then this is the program for you.    Read all reviews...