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Women Entrepreneurs

Do you believe it’s possible to do what you love, make a difference AND create a successful and sustainable business?  I’m here to tell you that “you can have your cake and eat it too!”   Click here to learn more>>

Small Business Owners

You have created a successful small business – congratulations!  Now you’ve determined it’s time to “up-level”.  There are 3 keys to doing this.  #1 KEY… become a “trailblazer” in your unique areas of expertise. Click here to learn more>> 

Executives in Transition

Can you actually get clients and will they pay you? Going from steady paycheck to entrepreneur can be daunting. But it doesn't have to be. Get valuable insider's insights that can save you time and money. Click here to learn more>>

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~Rachel Levy~
My biggest challenge when I started working with Kim was focus and clarity on how to build my business. I had an idea that I thought was possible, but had no idea how to tackle the execution. I was wavering between creating my own business (where my passion lied) to looking for employment elsewhere (which held zero appeal to me  Read all reviews...