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Starting a new business is the hardest part! »

My Personal Vision ClarificationI've been in business as Freedom Street for a couple of years, so I asked myself again ... what is my life purpose? I realized that my reason for be...

It's time to take action in the last step of your plan! »

Take the final step in planning your Solopreneur Roadmap!You're about to take the last step before you begin your journey as a solopreneur with a path to financial freedom but be...

A "how to" checklist to write your business goals »

In my last blog post, I discussed the importance of creating personal and business goals. In my Dream Business training programs, you develop 3-year targets which are 3-year “me...

A different way to set goals for your business »

Do you set goals? Of course you do. Each January on New Year's Day you're encouraged to set goals but do you achieve them? Maybe. Are they in alignment with your vision? Maybe. Are...

Clarify your life purpose.
Evolve as an entrepreneur.
Conquer fear.
Attain financial freedom.
If you’re starting a new business, Kim’s program is where you want to start first! She helps you to gain deep insight and clarity to create the best possible business idea unique to you; and has a unique process to...more
Graham Kingma

Former Fortune 100 Sales & Customer Experience Executive, now Business Solutions Advisor.