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Part 3 of how to get your first 3 clients - How to find your ideal client »

Now that you're clear on who your ideal clients are, you want to find lots of them! Here are some  exercises that will help you identify where they are.The Target Client Brainst...

Part Two of How to get your first 3 clients – Create a client avatar »

In the previous post I gave you a set of things to write that should have helped you you get a sense of who your ideal client is. Find the paper where you wrote it now because you'...

How to get your first 3 clients - Identify your ideal customer »

Do I only need 3 clients at first?What probably attracted you was the number 3 but the most important word in this title is "first". As the saying goes "Start right to stay right"....

Starting a new business is the hardest part! »

My Personal Vision ClarificationI've been in business as Freedom Street for a couple of years, so I asked myself again ... what is my life purpose? I realized that my reason for be...

Clarify your life purpose.
Evolve as an entrepreneur.
Conquer fear.
Attain financial freedom.
If you’re starting a new business, Kim’s program is where you want to start first! She helps you to gain deep insight and clarity to create the best possible business idea unique to you; and has a unique process to...more
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