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Yes you! You've always worked in corporations but you're ready for a change - a big one. You've decided to start your own business. Take a deep breath and get ready for the journey...

Go from kitchen table to branding coach like Kerriane Cartmer-Edwards »

In just a few short years Kerrianne Cartmer Edwards  transformed herself from kitchen-table-start-up to internationally recognized speaker, author and style and branding expert. ...

Get clients right away as Dave Vincent did »

Dave’s work ethic and willingness to take risks enabled his seamless transition to self employment. He got a contract “right out of the gate” as I promote in my course AN...

Go from corporate employee to entrepreneur like Ann Gomez »

This is the first of several interviews with people who went from corporate employees to creating their dream business. May their stories inspire you to pursue your Dream Business!...

Clarify your life purpose.
Evolve as an entrepreneur.
Conquer fear.
Attain financial freedom.
If you’re starting a new business, Kim’s program is where you want to start first! She helps you to gain deep insight and clarity to create the best possible business idea unique to you; and has a unique process to...more
Graham Kingma

Former Fortune 100 Sales & Customer Experience Executive, now Business Solutions Advisor.