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Discover the proven 6-step methodology for getting in the door, engaging with, and landing corporate clients.

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How my training programs can help

A structured, strategic approach is necessary for everything from developing your position in the marketplace, to how you engage prospects, land contracts and deliver your services.

These innovative training programs will change the way you sell to corporate and help you build a sustainable and scalable business.

Land corporate contracts fast-track program

With the incredible opportunities the new "gig economy" is producing for freelance executives, consultants, coaches and small business owners, there's never been a better time to get your business in place for landing and keeping a steady roster of high-paying corporate clients!

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Free video training series

The $500 Billion Opportunity Most Small Business Owners Miss: Discover the 3 Massive Mistakes That Can Sabotage Landing Big Corporate Contracts
This 3-part video series walks you through a proven step-by-step process that will maximize your time and effort and show your potential clients that you are the trusted advisor they’re looking for.

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The road ahead can look foggy or daunting at any juncture in your business. That’s when you need to lean on a Trusted Advisor who can help you carve a clear path ahead. I’ll meet you where you are, listen carefully to your challenges and help you strategize what to do next.

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