Six-Month Group Master Class & Mastermind
Power Networking Program

Targeting, Securing Meetings and Closing Deals with Corporate Decision-Makers in Small, Mid-Market and Enterprise Clients in the New Business as (Un)usual

with kim chernecki and chris mcgirr
the next cohort begins june, 2021 - dates to be announced.

Monthly program deliverables

You'll be supported through a strategically-focussed program that gives you the tools, processes and confidence you need to successfully pivot your business and land corporate contracts.

onCe monthly
+ 1 Bonus class (7 in total)
Master Class

To navigate each of the 7 steps to getting in the ‘virtual corporate buyer door’ and navigating each step of your new sales process as a Trusted Advisor in the New Corporate World of Work.

onCe monthly
Supplemental Class

With World-Class Subject Matter Experts to support you to embody what is needed to deliver and to be in the Top 10% tier of consultants specifically addressed to virtual engagements, solving ‘real-time’ corporate needs and having global impact.

once weekly
Office Hours

To address challenges, questions and support implementation of Master Classes & Supplemental Classes in 'real time'.

once monthly
Power Networking

Where you get to build your business with fellow participants and facilitate REFERRALS and CONNECTIONS. Includes breakout session where you have 5 minutes to share ‘real time’ challenges and get peer coaching support for whatever is top of mind to support your business now.

"You can't be a true Trusted Advisor unless you 10X your network to reach potential clients and collaborators. The insights you gain will help you bring quality strategic advice to your clients and prospects, and position you as the go-to person in your field of expertise to meet corporate needs."

Kim and Chris

Meet The Experts Who Will Get You There

Kim Chernecki, CEO and Founder of Freedom Street
Executive Entrepreneur Business Strategist, Advisor & Coach
  • Kim has worked ‘shoulder-to-shoulder’ with over 1400 Executives and Small Business Owners to grow their businesses and close Millions $$ in corporate contracts.
  • Started up and helped grow 10 businesses and business divisions.
  • Personally built 7-figure book of business with corporate clients with 40% year-over-year growth 6 years in a row.
  • Master of building Strategy, Alignment and Strategy Execution for Small/MediumBusiness.
Chris McGirr, CEO, Strategic Council, Inc.
Executive Leader, Corporate Advisor and Global Consultant
to Fortune 500 companies
  • Chris has worked with 1200+ C-suite leaders in public, private and NFP sectors and closed multi $ million and corporate contracts.
  • Communications strategist and media specialist trained by the Prime Minister's Office.
  • Founded, built and led businesses in Communications, Telecom and Professional Services.
  • Developed communications strategy for multiple mergers and acquisitions for diverse industries.
  • Led strategy, alignment and execution for multiple small business ventures in and across several industries.

Each has a broad and deep network of decision makers and influencers.
Join us to DISCOVER how you can still do business with corporations during business as (un)usual.

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Land Corporate Contracts in the New World of Work 2.0

Discover key insights and strategies for becoming a Trusted Advisor during these challenging times.

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Define or refine your unique value proposition
Define or refine your service and product offerings
Own the virtual room with powerful executive presence
Secure virtual meetings with corporate decision makers
Identify potential business with world-class discovery meetings
Build winning solutions and proposals
10X your network to develop a 6- to 7-figure+ sales pipeline

Your guest subject matter experts

Mike Pickering
Foundations of Building Trust as a Consultant
Speaking to the C-Suite
Navigating & Managing Corporate Relationships

Mike is the founding partner of Best Practice Learning Solutions Inc. Mike is the "consultant's consultant". He has been in the business of strategy, training, coaching, consulting, instructional design and program facilitation for over 42 years. During his career, Mike worked in 21 countries for over 250 corporate and individual clients. In 2011, Mike partnered with Charlie Green and his organization Trusted Advisor Associates Inc. Over the years, Mike won several awards, including his work with United Way of Greater Toronto, FedEx (US and Europe), and others.

Sabita Singh
Attract New Business on LinkedIn as a Thought Leader

Sabita Singh is the President of Trivetta Consulting Inc. Prior to forming her company in 2018, she led digital functions for companies including KPMG Canada, AstraZeneca Canada, and Sun Life Financial.

After recognizing the power of LinkedIn at KPMG, Sabita has specialized in becoming a LinkedIn coach. Sabita writes all-star profiles for her clients to improve their visibility on LinkedIn. In a time where it is challenging to build relationships face-to-face, she shows entrepreneurs how to build a strong digital presence as a LinkedIn thought leader to attract new business.

Daniel Monehin
Visionary Entrepreneur Leadership

Daniel is founder of Resolut Consulting. After a successful 29-year career mostly as an executive in global Fortune 500 and S&P 100 companies on three continents, including as EVP at Mastercard, Daniel founded Resolut, a global leadership development firm.

Resolut uniquely combines real-world global leadership experience and rigorous empirical research, delivered by Daniel and his diverse team of expert consultants located around the world.

Daniel holds an MBA in Strategy from Queen’s University, Canada. He is also a Fellow of the Chartered Professional Accountants (Canada), and a Certified Public Accountant (US).

Teresa Kruze
On-Camera Coaching Tips from a Media Pro

Teresa Kruze, founder of Impakt Productions Inc., is a long-time broadcaster, TV producer, best-selling author and media strategist.

In addition to working with corporate leaders, companies and charities to get them on TV and radio talk shows, newscasts and in print, Kruze also provides on-camera coaching and key messaging services. She provides executives and entrepreneurs with insider performance tips for a polished and professional on-camera look. Teresa has worked with media entitites such as TSN, CTV/CP24, CityTV, CBC, YesTV, 680News, Metro News, and Chatelaine Magazine.

Success stories

We’ve had the pleasure of supporting more than 2500 executives, consultants and small business owners. Below are testimonials about our work.

“I felt more empowered and ready to grow my business. I got clear on where I wanted to take my business to define the scope and the scale of my service offerings as well as effective tactics on how to get the message out to the right people. I have never really felt comfortable selling, but Kim and Chris gave me a strategic approach to connecting with the corporate decision makers that will contract for my services. They took the intuitive and made it a firm process that I could use with a customized approach that still feels like me."

Brenda Seto
Independent Business Consultant

Kim and Chris had a different approach to other consultants and took the time to fully understand our products and expectations before making any commitments. Spenergy Certified Solutions engaged Freedom Street to strengthen our Unique Value Proposition and go-to-market messaging and outreach as we launched the new release of our SMART UV 3.0 Infectious Disease Control technology nationally. Kim and Chris and their fabulous team exceeded our expectations!”

Gib Wood
Founder & CEO, Spenergy Certified

“Now I have the tools and system in place as well as an effective communication and follow-up strategy for dealing with corporate prospects. My big breakthrough came when I realized through the Powerful Offer exercise that I could offer much more than I had originally planned. You have a unique offering of value to many entrepreneurs, and I highly recommend your program!

Marylou Heenan
Founder, Your Money For Life

“Kim and Chris helped me to develop a new strategic approach for customers during the pandemic. I wanted to be sensitive to decision makers. They helped me fine-tune my value proposition, develop messaging, restrategize and define my target audience. Kim and Chris helped me leverage my Employee Pulse Survey tool in ways I had never thought of to ensure that I was able to have opportunities with corporate decision makers and demonstrate what I could do for them. I immediately started to land contracts, and my business has grown exponentially."

Adrian Victor
Founder & CEO of Amplitude

“Working with Kim and Chris has not only helped me develop the focus, structure and processes I needed to skyrocket my business, but I now have the confidence to approach prospective clients and book real business. Their interactive strategy laser focuses on the market and products you are using to produce a strategy that creates a powerful communication and presentation approach that can be applied over and over to produce outstanding results. They also helped define my value proposition and streamline services I offer while clearly defining my ideal customer.”

Laura Armstrong
Leadership Coach, Master Facilitator and Licensed Trainer, Codebreaker Technologies, LLC

This course is worth every penny! I wasn't sure how to approach corporate prospects, but Kim and Chris gave me the confidence to lead meetings, write emails in a strategic way, and think big! I loved the hot seat coaching and the live feedback from Kim and Chris. They are so upbeat and positive, plus they provide REALLY great insights. I also liked being able to help others in our group, the collaboration and team feedback was priceless.”

Jessica Bennett
CEO, Got Writer's Block

Answers to common questions

Have other questions? Simply email Kim at

What if I can't attend all the classes? Will there be recordings?

Yes! The recordings are housed in the member site. Once you make your payment, you will get an email with all the program access details. And you will have access for life!I

I don't have any corporate clients yet. Will this program help me?

Yes! In fact, getting the right information and process from us will definitely set you up to be positioned effectively both now and in the future.

I am in a niche sector. Can I get corporate clients with this program?

Good question! The program helps everyone, regardless of your offering.

I seem to get little contracts here and there, but I can’t seem to land bigger pieces of business. How do I land those 1000-day clients I’ve heard you talk about?

This is the program is for you! We'll help you to build a strong and prosperous sales pipeline with lots of long-term and short-term contracts and projects.

Are corporate clients really open to having business owners call on them in these challenging times?

You'd be surprised what is really going on out there. We've talked to many corporate decision makers and will share our intel with you. As with any sales process, there is a sales cycle that occurs, depending on the needs of the buyer. The trick is to know exactly when and how to reach out. And to what target corporate decision maker. They need you now more than ever! That's what we'll be covering in these 6 months!

Take charge with proven, practical guidance

The next program will begin June, 2021. Dates to be announced!

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Land Corporate Contracts in the New World of Work 2.0
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Land Corporate Contracts in the New World of Work 2.0
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1 Master Class delivered monthly + 1 Bonus Class delivered within the 6-month time frame

1 Supplemental Subject Matter Expert Class delivered monthly

Weekly Office Hours

Once monthly Power Networking session

Private Facebook group

24-7 LIFETIME access to call recordings, homework, slide decks, chat files and full member library of resources

Priceless 'shoulder-to-shoulder' approach, ongoing support, referrals and connections

All payments are final.

In order to survive you MUST adjust to a completely new way of doing business and transform EVERY aspect of your messaging, positioning and sales approach.

Let's be clear.

What got you here isn't going to move you forward.

Your old methodologies will not work on our new world of working.

Now is the time to begin recreating your services and offerings so you can set yourself up for the best possible outcome with your business.

Kim and Chris are looking forward to helping you take the next powerful step to redefine your business and step up for corporate clients in 2021!

Supporting your success,

Our next cohort starts in June 2021!

We look forward to having you join us!

Take action to get on the leading edge of doing business with corporate clients during COVID-19 and beyond.

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