What mindset are you cultivating as an entrepreneur?

When it comes to running your own consulting or coaching business, your attitude and mindset are just as important—or more important—than the strategy and tactics you use to get new clients and deliver great results.

As in life, there will always be great times as well as challenging times that will test your spirit and resolve. We don’t always have control over what happens, so it’s important to be flexible and adapt to changes but stay the course and persevere, no matter what comes your way. By developing a realistic, “go with the flow” approach, you can anchor yourself to a wonderful business mindset.

Envision your business as a babbling brook or river. It has its own energy within it. It has a direction that it naturally flows in. At times, its current also has to navigate the path in and around rocks, tree stumps and other obstacles. Notice that no matter what the water encounters, it never stops flowing.

I love these wonderful metaphors for how water and “flow” is at work in our lives. This excerpt is from Megan Smith Gill’s April newsletter. I was so inspired by her wisdom, I wanted to share it with you…

Water teaches us 4 critical things needed to succeed at just about anything in life:

1. Surrender
All too often, we try to control aspects of our lives. We find ourselves forcing and pushing in every direction and in every situation. We fight against the current and try to swim upstream rather than letting go of the oars allowing ourselves to instead go downstream and be in the flow of the river. Sometimes to achieve MORE we have to do LESS.

2. Trust
This is a big one. It means we have to trust ourselves. We have to trust our intuition, that gentle nudging within that we have largely been ignoring thus far, or simply unable to even hear it because the voices of our ego have been drowning it out. We have to trust in the constant good of the Universe’s intentions. And we have to trust that the Universe has a plan far greater than we can even imagine. Repeat this phrase several times each day: “Thank you Universe for leading the way. I am grateful and I love you.”

3. Persevere
Just like the river, we must keep going no matter what obstacles come our way. We must find a way to go over, around, or under the boulders put in our path, just like the river does. Remember the wise words of James, 1:2–4, who said, “Consider it pure joy when you face trials of any kind because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may mature and complete and not lacking anything.” You must keep on keepin’ on…

4. Be Patient
With perseverance comes patience. You must let go of your preconceived notions of time. Time is a manmade concept anyway, and science tells us that it is completely relative. Instead, embrace living in the present moment each and every day and trust that your miracles will show up exactly when they are supposed to. Imagine the grace and peace that will come from living moment to moment rather than achievement to achievement.

I’ve certainly had to remind myself about going with the flow from time to time. When I realize I’ve been pushing too hard in one direction, when I finally let go of needing to do that, amazing things start to happen!

Being an entrepreneur can be so exciting. It isn’t always an easy journey, but allowing the water to flow naturally in and out of your business will help you stay the course over the long term!

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About the author

Kim Chernecki helps high-performing freelance executives, consultants, coaches and other experts, land lucrative corporate contracts. She is the creator of the Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track System, and is a top-rated sales performance executive, facilitator, coach, advisor, speaker and strategist. A 25-year entrepreneur, Kim has consulted with executives from 100+ leading North American and Fortune 1000 companies and has, herself, started up and helped grow 10 businesses and business divisions. She’s closed millions of dollars in corporate contracts, and provides powerful strategies and proven formulas to help her clients do the same.

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