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There is a wealth of lucrative opportunities in the corporate marketplace for consultants and small business owners to tap into. These free downloadable resources will help you gain clarity and understand the key strategies and tactics necessary to help you operate as a skilled Trusted Advisor.

Corporate Predictions 2021

The must-have guide for consultants and small business owners to get in the door and meet the needs of corporate clients in our shifting marketplace.

We reached out to over 60 corporate C-Suite business leaders an thought leaders and distilled all the intriguing intel so you don't have to!

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In this value-added guide, you'll discover:

The top 3 areas of opportunity driving organizational change in 2021

Where the gaps and needs are and how consultants and small business owners can create their own opportunities

Key strategies for transforming your business strategy that will get you in the door with new corporate opportunities and lead you to the close.

6 Powerful and Proven Steps to Get Meetings with the Right Decision Makers and Land Lucrative Corporate Contracts

This value-added guide provides you with a powerful, step-by-step strategic map for turning the tables on traditional sales and giving your prospects and clients a refreshing and thoughtful, client-centered experience.

You’re going to learn the exact steps for building an annual 6-to 7-figure book of business with corporate clients in the quickest and most efficient way possible, whether you’re just starting out or want to re-invigorate your business and take it to the next level.

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The steps for building an annual 6-to 7-figure book of business with corporate clients in the quickest and most efficient way possible

Find your ideal companies and the right decision makers to reach out to

Understand exactly how to leverage your network to get introduced

Create compelling introductory emails that get opened

Become a Trusted Advisor who confidently lands repeat corporate business

6 Strategic Insights for Catapulting Your Business with Corporate Workshops

To successfully navigate the corporate landscape, there are several steps you need to take to strategically find and approach corporate decision-makers. Plus, you need to be able to diversify your service offerings so you aren’t known as a one-trick pony.

You’ll learn, through this guide, how to capitalize on your skills and talents and discover what highly-successful consultants do to create, sell and deliver lucrative corporate workshops.

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How to leveraging your Intellectual Property so you can create a whole package of offerings (high- value services and products)

Get crystal clear on who your corporate audience is

Build a killer methodology

Create multiple income revenue streams as well as potential passive forms of income, so you can make money while you sleep!

6 Unexpected Strategies of Highly Successful Consultants

Knowing how to strategically set yourself up for success out of the gates is essential to avoiding common pitfalls, so you can become a well-prepared Trusted Advisor for your prospects and clients.

This report shows you how.

It's a quick read and provides key insights on the real world of consulting, where it's headed, and what you can do to maximize all your talent and expertise, while standing out from your competition.

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Know your value

Define your pricing strategy

Leverage your network

Be a thought leader

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