Did you know that Corporate Canada spends over $7 Billion annually (10x that in the US!) on training, workshops and seminars?

Discover how to catapult your business in 2020 with corporate workshops

Learn the proven strategies to get in the door with corporate decision makers through creating compelling workshops that set you up for recurring revenue opportunities

Friday, February 14, 2020
Noon ET / 9am PT
75-minute session
Live webinar

"I struggled with how to even begin the process of getting my foot in the corporate door. Learning how to craft enticing and engaging offers that would interest corporate decision makers was something I knew I needed help with if I was going to have any success, and Kim was the one to get me there. Kim provided me with the tools to really go after the corporate market with confidence - something I never would’ve been able to do without her knowledge, personal insight, and incredible support. Kim's system is reliable and foolproof. Just follow the steps and do the work. I landed my first contract with one of the largest national financial institutions. I'm 100% convinced I would never have even attempted this without Kim's Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track Program.

Kim -  thank you a million times over!!"

Jennifer Maxwell
Founder & CEO, The Art of Connection

One of the fastest ways to bring your expertise to the corporate market is through workshops.

Why? Because they are like “bite-sized” chunks of your services that corporations can easily say yes to and “test-drive” how you add value, solve problems, and help them move forward in their business.

What’s really cool is that there is a broad range of workshops you can tailor to your ideal target client. Doesn’t matter if you’re just starting selling to corporate clients or you want to refine and dial up your approach and framework of your existing workshops.

Discover how to create a compelling workshop, how to position it well and get in the door using proven, non-salesy strategies.

That’s what you’ll learn during this in-depth session.

Who this webinar is for:

Freelance Executives, Consultants and Small Business Owners who:

Have a core service offering and want to include corporate workshops as part of a suite of services

Are ready to discover a new way to get in the door with corporate clients (this can include lunch and learns, webinars and full-on workshops and workshop series)

Already have a workshop and want to expand, leverage and repurpose it to reach new prospects

Want to take their hard-won knowledge, skills and brilliance and turn their unique expertise into Intellectual Property so they can scale effectively

Join me and learn proven ways to:

Identify a “hot topic” that corporate decision makers are interested in and will pay for

Develop your proprietary methodology and key framework that will form the base of your Intellectual Property (IP) and that will make your workshops credible and memorable

Strategically package your IP into high-value, high-paying corporate workshops that can lead to 1000-day clients

Create multiple income streams and passive income

Most importantly, how to get in the door with your ideal prospect and pitch your corporate workshop

A little bit about me

I’m Kim Chernecki, CEO and Founder of Freedom Street. I’ve leveraged over 25 years of experience selling into corporate North America to develop a 6-step methodology called The Land Corporate Contracts Fast-Track System™.

I’ve also successfully packaged and repurposed this winning methodology in a variety of deliverables that include offerings such as on-site corporate workshops, live topical events and web-based presentations, and as part of individual private coaching packages, and more. I’ve sold millions to well-known Fortune 1000 companies, and have provided strategic coaching and support to hundreds of small business owners, consultants and freelance executives who are killing it in the corporate consulting space including delivering 9 programs monthly to one of North America’s top human capital firms.

I’m not saying all of this to impress you – but to impress UPON you that there IS a market waiting for exactly the workshop(s) you want to build. And I can help you tap into the amazing opportunities!

A short list of past and current corporate clients

You'll also get these must-have tools in your arsenal!

You’ll get my 3 Essential Steps for Getting in the Door with corporate prospects in the fastest, most efficient way possible!

And my #1 'Do Not Do This Under Any Circumstances rule’ that will ensure you avoid the “pitching your services too soon” trap.


Receive your very own Launch Your Corporate Workshops Blueprint - a step-by-step guide to build your proprietary workshop

You’ll have the chance to claim a complimentary in-depth and collaborative 60-minute 'Are you Corporate Client Ready?' planning session (space is limited – and this offer is only available for those who attend live). During this session, I'll assess where you are now in your business, advise you on next steps if you want to create a new workshop or dial-up an existing one, as well as have a look at your overall positioning in the corporate marketplace!

I’m all about providing value. And there will be nothing short of that in this session!

"I hired Kim to help me build my speaking and workshop business around addressing depression and mental health in the corporate workplace. I have now landed my first workshop at one of Canada’s biggest corporate law firms.

To ensure I “knock it out the park’, Kim organized a practice workshop with key decision makers and influencers in her network, including 2 partners in Canada’s largest law firm and one of her clients who is former SVP of HR at large Financial Institution and has a powerful circle of influence. Working with Kim is so gratifying because she is totally invested in my success and has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with me every step of the way!”

Silvana La Rosa
Founder, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Mind Focus

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Friday, February 14, 2020
Noon ET / 9am PT
75-minute session
Live webinar

I look forward to having you join me!

If you want to really dial up your business this year, working with corporate North America, this is the best place to start.

P.S.  Remember, only those who attend live, will have a chance at getting one of the coveted complimentary 'Are You Corporate Ready?' planning sessions. If you are one of the lucky ones, you can expect to receive practical strategies customized to your business and ideal corporate client.

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