Your Dream Business Creation “Gold” Coaching Package

It’s well known that starting your own business is one of the scariest things you can do; and one of the biggest challenges with starting and running a business is keeping yourself motivated. When gold plateyou’re doing it alone, some days are harder than others. That’s why I’ve put together the Dream Business Creation “Gold” Coaching Package where I, Kim Chernecki, will be your personal coach, advisor and mentor. This will be a close working relationship where I’ll support you every step of the way toward creating your dream business.

During these personalized  support sessions, I will work with you to:

  • Drive and act on insights that emerge as you go through each of the 12 “Dream Business Creation” modules
  • Ensure you achieve maximum clarity and momentum to drive your business forward
  • Collaborate with you to create the best possible best business idea and direction
  • Breakthrough all challenges, fear, negativity and resistance that surface
  • Keep you focused, motivated, energized, accountable and empowered on your journey to financial freedom

In this package you’ll receive:

  • 8 one-hour private coaching calls by phone or Skype
  • Unlimited email support in between calls (to manage any questions that cwoman in cloudsome up between sessions and as you go through each of the modules)
  • Access to my private fully-protected membership site and 12 Dream Business Creation modules
  • Access to the Dream Business Creator Facebook community  to share your journey with other like-minded individuals

Before our session you’ll complete the module(s) of the online program and send me your work for review.  I’ll also send you a coaching prep sheet so that you can update me on what’s been going on for you before we speak.  This will make the most of our time together and drive deep insights and breakthroughs.

Action Steps:  We’ll end each call with specific action items that will keep you accountable, on track and moving forward.

You’ll have unlimited access to me in between calls for questions and advice.  Remember the fears and negativity I talked about earlier?  These will come up as well as other things you’ll need help with and you’ll have my full support throughout the coaching program.  Look at me as your shoulder to lean on and your personal mentor and coach.

This program requires commitment in both time and effort, but it will help take your mind, your progress and your results to a new level. I am committed to your growth, development and forward momentum.  Together, we will leave no stone unturned to ensure you connect with the best and deepest parts of you and translate that into your best possible business.

At the end of our 12 weeks together, you’ll have a complete step-by-step roadmap for the next 3 years that provides exactly where you’re going, everything you need and everything you need to do to take your dream business to 6-figure success!


Full Payment $2997


(Price includes Dream Business Creation System 12-week program)

My Personal No Risk Guarantee

If, at the end of our first month together, after you have attended all scheduled coaching sessions GuaranteeSignBlue2and completed each of the modules to that point, if you’re not completely satisfied, then I will give you a 100% refund.