Learn the essential keys to creating your lucrative, scalable DREAM business
based on your unique brilliance

In just 4 weeks or less, you’ll know exactly how to DEFINE your new consulting or coaching business, your best possible service offerings and everything you need to create your Unique Value Proposition and SECRET SAUCE that sets you apart ... and determine your niche market, and why you’re the ONLY ONE who can supply what they need.

Discover Your Unique Superstar Formula: A 4-module, self-paced, self-study program with LIVE support via our private Facebook Group!

(By the way, this program will also work for you if you want to map this process against future career, business venture or project to determine your compatibility and alignment.)

Dear new entrepreneur,

Congratulations on taking the first, most important step to starting your Dream Business as a Consultant or Coach!

You clearly understand that you have to take time to study this new area of your professional life in order to really grasp what’s involved in becoming a successful business owner.

Do one or more of these statements apply to you?

  • You’ve dreamed about starting your own business but not sure exactly what you it could look like
  • You’ve thought about becoming a consultant or coach but you’re not exactly sure what your ideal offerings could be?
  • You know you have unique gifts and talents but not sure how to package them and get them out there
  • Everyone talks about "having a niche" but you’re not exactly sure what yours is
  • You’re not really sure what your passion is or which of your passions you should turn into a business
  • You don’t know how to truly differentiate yourself from all the other consultants and coaches out there

The good news is you’re in the right place now to get the training and support you need to go for it!

If you’re ready to take the journey into entrepreneurship,
I promise it will be worth your while.

If you’re ready to take the journey into entrepreneurship, I promise it will be worth your while.

ThinkstockPhotos-78374787There is an incredible amount of satisfaction you can get from being your own boss, working your own hours and cherry-picking your own clients.

Sounds pretty rosy, right? I’m not going to mince words…while it can be really fun running your own business, it DOES take a lot of work and commitment.

However, your successful background in corporate has already proven that you’ve got the gumption it takes to stay the course, be inventive and give it your all.

I know you’re time is at a premium.

And that’s exactly why I structured the” Discover Your Superstar Formula” program the way I did.

Since this is a self-study course, you have complete control over the time you want to spend on it.

The concepts are clear and straightforward and easily progress from one section to another, building on your knowledge until you have a crystal clear idea of how to bring your skills, experience and passions to the wonderful world of entrepreneurship.

LIVE support is included!

I work with executives in transition to define, structure and grow their dream consulting (or coaching) business so they don’t have to go back to a job their not aligned with anymore”

I’m also going to be there every step of the way with you. All you need to do is post your question or challenge on our private Facebook group and I’ll answer you just as quickly as I can! What’s more, you’ll also be connected to everyone else in the program so we can all learn and share with each other.

Just think what the camaraderie of being connected to like-minded people will do for you while you’re on this journey! So you might be wondering what I bring to the table as your instructor? About-Kim

I’m Kim Chernecki, and I’m your Dream Business Creation Coach.

It is my purpose to help you gain absolute clarity on what your most positive assets are, your unique personality and find that unique space in the marketplace that no one else can fill, and then help you turn that into a successful and sustainable business!

Having consulted with and coached executives from hundreds of leading North American and Fortune 1000 companies, as well as having started and grown eight businesses, I know what it takes to make a business successful and profitable.

For new entrepreneurs, it begins with ensuring you create the right business that’s uniquely aligned with you, then supporting that with a solid business model to help you go the distance.

You have a unique combination of skills, expertise, experience, and unique perspective that no one else has. When you learn how to leverage that, you can build a scalable business based on the value you bring.

I want to share something really personal here. I spent 25 years searching for what my ideal livelihood was. I had some great experiences on my career path but there always seemed to be something missing. Now that I’m living MY Superstar Formula – everything just works, everything just flows. My clients share with me every day how much our work together has changed their life and inspired them, I get glowing off the charts feedback every day.

Now, I do admit that recognition is important to me – but the rewards, the satisfaction, the joy of hearing this feedback goes far beyond that. Knowing that I am doing what I am meant to be doing, that I’m living my purpose (which is helping others live their purpose) – it just makes my life so exciting and big and well – wonderful. It’s my intention that you experience the same – the joy of right livelihood, of living your purpose and the joy of creating and living your dreams.

Here’s what “Discover your Unique Superstar Formula” includes:

4 on-line video based modules:

Module 1 - Connecting With Your Passions

We’ll dive deep to uncover exactly what lights you up so you can ensure your business and life embodies what jazzes you the most.

Module 2 - Identifying Your Strengths (and Super Powers!)

Next we look at what you’re greatest at and how you can leverage that for optimal business success.

Module 3 - Claiming Your Impact and Value

Here we’ll work to get crystal clear on how you create the most impact and results within organizations and with others and how you address specific problems, gaps and needs in order to zone in on your unique niche and target market.

Module 4 - Finding Your Secret Sauce and Claiming Your Inner Superstar

In this final module, you’ll be empowered to tune into your unique personality and style and your biggest, best and most natural self so that you can create a unique experience for your customers. You’ll also pull everything together from the previous modules and map out your Unique Superstar Formula (on one page) which will form the foundation for your Dream Business.

Susan Painter“The reason I decided to work with Kim is because I wanted to figure out what my next role would be after I "retire" from my corporate job. I was feeling fearful, indecisive and worrying about what my future and next phase of my life held. The impact this had on my life was that it felt like a burden, I had a lot of dread... and wondered how I was going to figure it out. Working with Kim through the "Discover your Superstar Formula" program helped me define, with absolute clarity, what my next role will be. The process and formula is profound and with Kim’s expertise, we nailed it! Discovering my next role and knowing the exact business I’m going to start has lifted the burden, the worry and the fear. I am really excited about my future. Working with Kim has been a life-changing experience. I will be recommending her program to others. Thank you so much, Kim!"

Susan Painter,
Rolex Canada

What makes this program unique?

This program is designed for you to take stock of yourself and go DEEP… to take the time you need for self-reflection and exploration and to get absolutely clear around the best business and path unique to you.

This training is right for you if:

  • You’re a corporate executive or leader and want to “hit the ground” running with the right business for you

  • You’re in the “second stage” of your work life and you’re seeking to start a business that fulfills you and adds value

  • You’re a consultant or coach already and you’re struggling to make it happen. You feel you’ve created a J.O.B. (just above broke!)

  • You want to be a trailblazer and want to “leave your mark” or even “create your legacy” but you’re not sure where to start

How does the training go beyond what you already know?

  • q-iconI’ve already taken a lot of assessments throughout my corporate career and know my strengths and weaknesses fairly well. What value can this program add?

    Assessments that you would take in corporate tend to determine your personality style, job fit, and focus on ways you fit into a team or an organization.

    The Superstar Formula™ modules are designed to be highly personal. It’s about incorporating self-reflection on what is most unique to you and your life and turning that into the best business for you.

  • q-iconWill I be ready to start my own business at the end of this training?

    This program is the first piece of the puzzle and about gaining the clarity and confidence that you are starting the right business. Additional processes and guidance will be made available to you to start up your business once you know you’re on the right track.

  • q-iconI pretty much already know what kind of consulting and coaching services I will offer. How can this program help?

    The clarity you will get from this program will provide the “fodder” for defining and being able to articulate your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and “secret sauce” which will set your services and products apart from others offering similar services. It will be these nuances and subtle differences that will allow you to “shout your name from the rooftops” and give you the confidence to know you’re adding the most possible value. You will avoid months and even years of struggle trying to find that totally unique space in the marketplace that only you can fill.

  • q-iconHow do I know this will work for me?

    I will be showing you the best steps from my 25 years of searching and personal trial and error, plus my experience coaching hundreds of executives. I can guarantee, that if you do the work, you will gain the confidence to choose the right business and make the decision to move forward.

“The biggest challenge I faced when I started to work with Kim was how to define exactly what my offerings and value proposition would be to potential clients.

I was feeling a bit scattered and overwhelmed by the challenge of defining it and then articulating it in a succinct and compelling way. I was really at a crossroads as to whether I could go to market with something of value and something that companies would choose to pay me for.

Going through the various exercises around Discovering my Unique Superstar Formula as well as the subsequent elements and exercises of Kim's program, it all began to take shape and I got really focused and inspired about getting out there and having conversations with people in my network about my consulting proposition.
I feel really strong and centered now about my future consulting business and excited about continuing to work with Kim to take the right steps toward eventually realizing a dream of financial freedom and flexibility to work on my own terms on the things I feel most passionate about.”

Val Duffey,
Head of Human Resources

What does it cost?

For a limited time only, I’m offering this powerful 4-module training program for only $197.


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I know when I purchase Discover Your Unique Superstar Formula, I’ll be getting IMMEDIATE LIFETIME ACCESS to:

4 Video Self-Study Modules:

Module 1: Connecting With Your Passions.

Module 2: Identifying Your Strengths (and Super Powers!).

Module 3: Claiming Your Impact and Value.

Module 4: Finding Your Unique X-Factor and Claiming your Inner Superstar.

I’ll also have access to a private Facebook group where I can ask questions, share challenges and successes and get responses from you and fellow program participants.

And I’ll be supported with additional processes and guidance when I start up my business once I know I’m on the right track.

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Try the program for 30 days and if after you’ve listened to the 4 modules in their entirety and you do the work required but find the program is not a good fit for you, I will gladly refund the ENTIRE COST of your purchase price (minus a $30 processing fee).

Simply contact my team at kim@freedomstreetinc.com and we’ll take care of you.

I know you’ll find great value in what you’re about to learn. And I’m excited to support you on your journey to becoming a successful entrepreneur! If you have any questions, simply reach out to me personally at kim@freedomstreetinc.com. sig



Kim Chernecki
Your Dream Business Creation Coach

P.S. Making the leap from corporate executive to business owner doesn’t happen overnight. But with the right training, tools and information, the transition can be so much smoother than it would be if you tried to go it alone. Grab your spot now and save yourself hundreds of hours trying to figure it all by yourself!

P.P.S. Don’t let fear stop you from moving forward. Many people wonder if making money as an independent entrepreneur is really possible. If it wasn’t, we’ll all be stuck in 9-5 jobs forever! You just have to learn to go about it the smart way. Register today and get started on your journey to freedom and independence as a successful sought-after coach or consultant.