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Learn how to get your piece of the annual Corporate Canada $500 Billion pie...

Landing Corporate Contracts Fast-Track System
Virtual Live 6-week Group Coaching Program
PLUS 4 BONUS Live Implementation/Integration Sessions


By 2020, 40% of the
workforce will be freelance…

With the incredible opportunities the new gig economy is producing for consultants, coaches and small business owners, there's never been a better time to get your business and marketing systems in place for landing and keeping a steady roster of HIGH-PAYING corporate clients!

This live, interactive program will teach you everything you need to know to grow your business as a sought-after expert in your unique area of expertise, where you can add the most value and do your best work! could land your FIRST or NEXT corporate client 10 weeks or less!

All classes are held at NOON Eastern.
Calls will be recorded.
Attending live is your best bet for integration!

FALL 2018 dates will be posted in early September:

Week 1, Module 1: Define your Unique Sweet Spot

Monday, April 9, 2018

Live webinar Noon-2:00pm ET
Welcome, Introductions, Housekeeping and Module 1

Clarify your Unique Value Proposition that solves a specific corporate need and that will captivate and engage corporate decision makers.

Week 2: Integration Week: Make Sure Your UVP Sings!

Monday, April 16, 2018

Office Hours open from Noon-1pm ET

Live webinar. Get feedback on your UVP.  Bring your questions!

Week 3, Module 2: Lead with your Perfect Service/Product Offering

Monday, April 23, 2018
Live webinar Noon-1:30m ET

Define your lead service/product offering that will get you in the door and generate cash fast. We will also define your larger menu of high-value offerings so you secure renewable corporate contracts for the long term.

Week 4, Module 3: Attract Meetings with Corporate Decision Makers

Monday, April 30, 2018
Live webinar Noon-1:30m ET

Engage in a breakthrough approach to engaging decision makers that will get you the meeting every time without being salesy!

Week 5: Integration Week: Share Emails; Provide Feedback

Monday, May 7, 2018

Office Hours open from Noon-1pm ET
Live webinar. Bring your questions!

Week 6, Module 4: ‘Knock it out the park’ when meeting with Corporate Decision Makers

Monday, May 14, 2018
Live Webinar Noon-1:30pm Et

Become a top 10% tier consultant and engage in world-class “Discovery Meetings” in a way that proves your value and fast-tracks opportunities.

Week 7: Integration Week: Prepare for Role Playing

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Office Hours open from Noon-1pm ET
Live webinar. Bring your questions!
[Monday, May 21 is Victoria Day]

Week 8, Module 5: Win Business with Best-in-Class Corporate Proposals

Monday, May 28, 2018
Live webinar Noon-1:30pm ET
Build your unique customized presentations and proposals (including the Ultimate Weapon) that will move opportunities forward and set you apart as THE PERFECT solution that gets buy in and ultimately wins you the business..

Week 9: Integration Week: How to Move Opportunities Forward

Monday, June 4, 2018

Office Hours open from Noon-1pm ET
Live webinar. Bring your questions!

Week 10, Module 6: Your 6-Figure Sustainable Sales Pipeline System

Monday, June 11, 2018
Live webinar Noon-1:30pm ET
Engage in an easy and simple system to drive referrals and expand corporate business so that you sustain consistent and renewable cash flow for the entire lifecycle of your business.

Besides all of this in-depth live training
and Q&A sessions, you also get:

Land Corporate Contracts High Converting Proposal Starter Kit - value $2,997

  • Includes Scripts, Outlines and Sample Emails, Phone Calls, Presentations, Discussion Documents, Winning Sample Proposals, and RFP responses that have landed $ millions.
  • Create your brand strategy (through blogs, newsletters, articles, white papers, Signature Talk

Your Thought Leader Strategy Self-Study Program - value $397

  • Learn to transform your unique sweet spot and UVP into your Million $ Message
  • Develop your Super Power Platform

Access to our private Facebook Community - Priceless!

  • Share and learn with entrepreneurs going through the same journey!

2 Tickets to Trailblazer Forum Corporate Community Event - Also priceless!

  • Engage and share insights and challenges with executives, executive connectors and Thought Leaders
  • Speakers and panel discussions to help you grow 6-figure + businesses through corporate clients
  • Exchange Referrals, Connections and Decision-Maker introductions

Exactly the business breakthrough I was looking for!

"I did what Kim taught me to do during the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track Program to prepare for and engage in a recent meeting with a top corporate decision maker. As a result, I was able to "knock it out of the park”! Further, the discussion with the target client, has led to the promise of a significant innovative engagement in 2018.

Since I first met Kim and then working with her, she has facilitated connections (through her network and Trailblazer Forum) that have led to incredible insights, and ultimately resulted in a whole new direction, clarity and revitalization of my 20-year consulting business. Couldn't have done it without your help, Kim!"

Dragica Grbavac
Dragica Grbavac

Taking my results to a whole new level!

"I thoroughly enjoyed the training I received in the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track program. Kim Chernecki absolutely shines as a coach/trainer who makes everything easy to understand and implement. I particularly like the templates we were given which shorten the time frame to handle prospecting, and elevate the Customer conversations. I feel so much better equipped for meetings; how to approach and follow up with high-level professionalism. Kim's experience and insights really made the training impactful and memorable. I’m confident this program will make a difference as I explore new business opportunities, and would highly this program.”

Steve Bratt, President
Steve Bratt, President

Nailed my niche!

"I finally have clarity around my niche and Unique Value Proposition. Having a structured approach to follow for sales and proposals made the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track program absolutely priceless. I learned so much more, like how to really sell yourself as a Trusted Advisor and ensuring you can create a sustainable revenue system. I'm really looking forward to putting all I know into practice!"

Rose Spadafora
Rose Spadafora Certified Executive Coach,

No more cold calling!

"I now have the knowledge, tools and processes to land corporate clients. One of my breakthrough moments during the Land Corporate Client Fast-Track training came when I learned of the no cold-call zone. It really opened my mind to the possibilities of different approaches to get my foot in the door with corporations. Kim's style in delivering the program was great. She had great enthusiasm, as did our group."

Mounir Kamal
Mounir Kamal Speedpro Imaging – Toronto West

"The tools and confidence I received in Kim Chernecki's Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track Program have been invaluable to me. Now I understand why it can be a mistake to go in too early with a proposal, and why it's key to know exactly how to figure out how my services will meet a pressing need for my prospects. And being organized ahead of time takes all the stress off meeting with big corporate fish! Another big value is being able to get feedback from others in the course and having that community to bounce ideas with. I really enjoyed the course and highly recommend to other corporate consultants because what you don't know could really hurt you!"

Astrid Sucipto
Astrid Sucipto Digital Marketing Strategist

Your roadmap to success starts with a proven plan

Most businesses will fail without a strategic plan for starting, building and growing a viable, sustainable venture.

I created this program to help you get super clear on all you need to know to hit your revenue goals and look professional at every turn.

Follow my lead and you'll see a MASSIVE difference in opportunities to WOW your prospects as a Trusted Advisor.

A major shift in mindset!

"Before I took the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track program, I really didn't have a good method ​to consistently reach out and approach corporate clients. But now I feel much more confident​. Kim provided us with tools and sample emails ​to use. I ​really ​loved the value ladder​ tool. I've learned how to incorporate all my ​offerings using that approach. Wonderful class, Kim!"

Darcy Roberts
Darcy Roberts

"I’ve been to half a dozen courses on ‘How to Start a Business and get corporate clients’ but have never got any traction. Then I was fortunate enough to attend Kim’s entrepreneurial series and finally got the missing pieces, the practical parts most consultants don’t think to share.

Kim’s experience in the trenches allows her to bring the teaching down a level, to the little ‘how to’ steps that make a big difference when you’re not sure how to proceed. With Kim’s support, I finally have forward momentum!

If you’re looking for that, don’t hesitate to work with her.”

Lynn Nicolai
Lynn Nicolai Principal, First 100 Days Coaching for Executives

"I really enjoyed the interactive nature of the calls and the hands-on homework, and now I have a lot more clarity on who I would like to connect with and the best approach to connect with them. I believe the process in LCCFT is the right process that just needs to be executed (by me)! I really enjoyed the program and look forward to upcoming programs with Kim.”

Ted Creighton, P.Eng MBA
Ted Creighton, P.Eng MBA Strategic Business Coach FocalPoint Business Coaching

"I hired Kim to help me build my speaking and workshop business around addressing depression and mental health in the corporate workplace.

I have now landed my first workshop at one of Canada’s biggest corporate law firms. To ensure I “knock it out the park’, Kim has organized a practice workshop with key decision makers and influencers in her network including 2 partners in Canada’s largest law firm and one of her clients who is former SVP of HR at large Financial Institution and has a powerful circle of influence.

Working with Kim is so gratifying because she is totally invested in my success and has worked shoulder-to-shoulder with me every step of the way!”

Silvana La Rosa
Silvana La Rosa Founder, Speaker, Workshop Facilitator, Mind Focus

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Landing Corporate Contracts Fast-Track System
Virtual Live 6-week Group Coaching Program
PLUS 4 BONUS Live Implementation/Integration Sessions

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Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. Simply attend the classes, engage in our community, and do the required exercises. Then if you don’t think the program fits what you’re looking for, just let us know and we’ll be happy to refund your payment IN FULL!  Click here to view our full refund policy.

About Kim Chernecki, Canada’s leading expert on helping consultants and small business owners land corporate contracts


Kim is also the Founder of the Trailblazer Forum, a Toronto-based, 2x/yearly live event that brings entrepreneurs together for powerful business-building opportunities.

She is the creator of the Land Corporate Clients Fast-Track System, and is a top-rated sales performance executive, facilitator, coach, advisor, speaker and strategist.

A 25-year entrepreneur, Kim has consulted with executives from 100+ leading North American and Fortune 1000 companies and has, herself, started up and helped grow 8 businesses and business divisions. Kim is also the Founder of the Trailblazer Forum, a Toronto-based, 3x/yearly live event that brings entrepreneurs together for powerful business-building opportunities.

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