The top 3 mistakes and opportunities for corporate consultants

In my last couple of blog posts, I’ve been exploring the future of work and future of procurement (how big businesses source and negotiate contracts with 3rd party suppliers and consultants) and the opportunities for consultants to obtain lucrative contracts in the future global economy.

Carrying on with the subject of sourcing and procurement, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ed Johnston, former VP of Sourcing and Sustainability at Canadian Tire Corp.

ed johnsonAbout Ed: Ed is a Retail Merchandising and International Responsible Sourcing Consultant, sought out for his […]

Consultants, procurement, and navigating digital change

startup-photos-smFast fact: Upward of 50% of an organizations’ cost base is commonly 3rd party related, and vendors are touching the customer all the time.

Consultants can aim to influence at the executive table early on and play their part in making sure that organizations fully benefit from the increasingly important role that 3rd parties will likely play in their future, says Strategic Sourcing expert Andy MacLellan.

Every aspect of the corporate world is changing due to technology innovation. Companies that don’t hire and nurture talent accordingly could risk missing opportunities, damage customer confidence and […]

How corporate consultants can embrace the new world of work

Exclusive Interview!

Naomi TitlemanThe corporate world is changing at “warp speed”. As consultants and small business owners selling to and working with corporate, your corporate clients rely on you to be aware of and be able to help navigate those changes. In essence you need to be Thought Leaders.

In light of this, I interviewed Naomi Titleman Colla, Founder of Collaborativity Leadership Advisory, who has deep experience and perspective on these changes. Here is an excerpt from that interview.

About Naomi: Naomi is a strategic Talent and HR consultant who partners with leaders of Fortune […]

4 Essential Keys to Growing Your Consulting Business with Complementary Partners

When you first start a business as a consultant or coach, you’re in fine-tuning mode.

As the month’s start flying by, you’re growing your key business foundations by learning to:

    1. Provide the best solutions for your target market (solutions that they’re actively looking for)
    2. Meet client expectations (e.g. learning how to set up client boundaries while still providing excellent services that can be measured in great results)
    3. Constantly reviewing your processes (which can be everything from your client intake procedures to project management and more)
    4. In essence, you’re developing the value you bring to the table as a consultant and prove that you can solve […]

Go from kitchen table to branding coach like Kerriane Cartmer-Edwards

In just a few short years Kerrianne Cartmer Edwards  transformed herself from kitchen-table-start-up to internationally recognized speaker, author and style and branding expert.

Before becoming an entrepreneur, Kerrianne had been a stay-at-home mom for 10 years until financial challenges drove her to start her own business.

Her first venture was in jewelery design, which seemed a natural starting point as she’d had a decade long career as a high-end fashion designer before having kids. Sadly, this business failed after only six months. But she was undeterred…

She founded a second business online which grew well for a few years before beginning to lose […]