10 top success tips for corporate consultants

It’s no secJune 2017 Trailblazer Forum group photoret that the workforce and the way work is done is changing. For the past few months, I’ve been focused on writing blogs about how consultants and other service-based entrepreneurs can create a niche for themselves in the evolving digital age. And more specifically, how can they capitalize on the $5 Billion dollars Canadian corporations spend on an annual basis on consultants and 3rd party service providers.

But it’s not enough just to hang out a shingle and tell the world you’re open for business. You have […]

Tech and workforce changes open new opportunities for consultants

The corporations of today are being forced to adopt new technologies, to work with extended workforces, and to move fast to keep ahead of their competition. Essentially, the business landscape is being disrupted like never before, opening up a world of opportunity for consultants, which continues to evolve with each sweeping change.

But consultants need to understand what problems corporations want solved, and how to effectively gauge the opportunities (or create them) in order to strategically grow their businesses while supporting their clients.

I sat down recently with Scott Bunker who has deep experience as a consultant and with the consulting landscape […]

The top 3 mistakes and opportunities for corporate consultants

In my last couple of blog posts, I’ve been exploring the future of work and future of procurement (how big businesses source and negotiate contracts with 3rd party suppliers and consultants) and the opportunities for consultants to obtain lucrative contracts in the future global economy.

Carrying on with the subject of sourcing and procurement, I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Ed Johnston, former VP of Sourcing and Sustainability at Canadian Tire Corp.

ed johnsonAbout Ed: Ed is a Retail Merchandising and International Responsible Sourcing Consultant, sought out for his […]

Consultants, procurement, and navigating digital change

startup-photos-smFast fact: Upward of 50% of an organizations’ cost base is commonly 3rd party related, and vendors are touching the customer all the time.

Consultants can aim to influence at the executive table early on and play their part in making sure that organizations fully benefit from the increasingly important role that 3rd parties will likely play in their future, says Strategic Sourcing expert Andy MacLellan.

Every aspect of the corporate world is changing due to technology innovation. Companies that don’t hire and nurture talent accordingly could risk missing opportunities, damage customer confidence and […]

What hold does money have over you?

When we become business owners, money takes on a different light. Of course we need to make money in order to keep our businesses afloat. Getting (and keeping) clients is the order of the day. That’s the practicality of life. But how we think and feel about money plays a lot into being an entrepreneur.

Question-Mark-Money_fullMoney can make both our professional and personal lives easy or the lack of it can make us feel like we’re locked in an endless struggle. For most, money is a very intense and emotionally-charged subject.

Two of the […]