A powerful way to kick off 2018: Create a 3-year vision

The word Vision made from Scrabble piecesWhen it comes to attracting amazing opportunities and powerful partners, resources and customers that really FIT with your business, you’ve got to have a Vision.

Vision goes deeper than your skill set and your experience.

What Vision does is give your business its compass. It has to be clear and compelling because it becomes a powerful statement you will communicate to others to help them instantly recognize what you do and what you stand for.

Having a solid Vision that captures the essence of you is one of the […]

What’s your ONE THING for 2018?

As consultants, coaches and small business owners, the entrepreneurial life can be great.

But like anything it has its own share of challenges with balancing your work, your life and your overall well-being.

I’ve got links to a short couple of articles on the subject of incorporating ONE THING I think are definitely worthwhile reading.

One is on a professional theme, while the other has a really unique take on personal self-care.

Professionally: When it comes to business, this is a great article by Michael Hyatt (yes, I’m referring to him again…he has great advice!). It’s […]

How self-care supports your business

man walking by the oceanDiligent self-care is vital to being a successful entrepreneur. 

Think about it. Whether you’re prospecting by email or phone, in an in-person meeting, or working on site with your clients, you need to be focused and have sustained energy to see you through.

Clients will pick up on your energy lags – yes, even if it’s over the phone!

Working on your business is a very cerebral activity. But you also need to work on taking care of yourself […]

How to tap into your highest value when you speak

What is the ultimate HOLY GRAIL solution or result that will entice clients to meet with you and ultimately hire you?

Can you quickly articulate that in any type of presentation, whether speaking at a conference, at a networking gathering, or 1:1 with a new corporate prospect?

Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting: The Professional’s Guide to Growing A Practice, states that the value you provide as a consultant is navigating the gap between what a client wants and what they need.

Which means…

  • Your clients won’t consciously pay you or hire you for […]

How to become a trusted advisor for corporate clients

business womanConsultants, coaches and small business owners often make the mistake of thinking they have to “sell” their services in a big way in order to land big corporate contracts.

However, when you approach your market – and your business – believing that you’re a Trusted Advisor, your prospects will clearly understand the value you bring.

You see, prospects are looking for value above price.

So when they have a need, if you’ve positioned yourself appropriately, then the sale will happen naturally at the right time.

It’s not about clever salesy techniques, but about BEING RELEVANT.

And […]