How to tap into your highest value when you speak

What is the ultimate HOLY GRAIL solution or result that will entice clients to meet with you and ultimately hire you?

Can you quickly articulate that in any type of presentation, whether speaking at a conference, at a networking gathering, or 1:1 with a new corporate prospect?

Alan Weiss, author of Million Dollar Consulting: The Professional’s Guide to Growing A Practice, states that the value you provide as a consultant is navigating the gap between what a client wants and what they need.

Which means…

  • Your clients won’t consciously pay you or hire you for what they need but the solution or transformation they want
  • Your clients also won’t pay to LEARN from you but they’ll pay for change or transformation

Funny, after all my years of consulting with clients, I thought I knew this.

I had to really get this. It was especially important for my presentation at my colleague Jennifer Beale’s Summer BASH networking event where I launched my new signature talk.

This type of language needs to permeate any talk or offer that you make to your target clients.

Let me give you an example:

In the past, my Holy Grail solution, or result or promise to my clients was:

To help my clients define, structure and launch their dream business and get their first 3 clients so they wouldn’t have to go back to a job they weren’t aligned with anymore.

While that still rings true, and I still offer that, typically my clients saw me as the “transition” coach.

In going deeper into how to articulate my Holy Grail solution, I got a huge insight and shift.

I realized that my clients really want:

To land corporate contracts and tap into the $500B annual supply chain spend.

Doesn’t that sound way sexier and way more exciting?

And just happens to be what I can deliver!

This aha golden nugget became part of my million dollar message that I delivered at the BASH networking event, and it resonated extremely well!

So that begs the questions:

  • What is YOUR highest value that you bring to your clients?
  • What is the ultimate HOLY GRAIL solution or result that will entice clients to meet with you and ultimately hire you?

Speaking is the quickest and best way to build your brand and profile as an expert and thought leader, and the quickest path to landing clients.

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