How to become a trusted advisor for corporate clients

business womanConsultants, coaches and small business owners often make the mistake of thinking they have to “sell” their services in a big way in order to land big corporate contracts.

However, when you approach your market – and your business – believing that you’re a Trusted Advisor, your prospects will clearly understand the value you bring.

You see, prospects are looking for value above price.

So when they have a need, if you’ve positioned yourself appropriately, then the sale will happen naturally at the right time.

It’s not about clever salesy techniques, but about BEING RELEVANT.

And that means ditching the old, schlocky high-pressure ABC (always be closing) technique, and replacing it with the new ABC (always be CARING, COMPASSIONATE AND COMMITTED) approach!

In my work with corporate clients, I’ve heard that if you become that trusted advisor, you’ll be ahead of 80% of other consultants, and sales people out in the marketplace.

A view from the “other side of the desk”

Here’s a perspective from a major corporate decision-maker:

Helena was one of four panelists at my June Trailblazer Forum, a quarterly, Toronto-based networking event I host for small business owners who want to land corporate clients. She has been a senior executive with three of Canada’s top financial institutions for the last 15 years.

When I asked Helena about her experiences meeting with consultants or sales people, she said 80% of them would ramble on about themselves and what they were trying to sell her.

These meetings always left her wondering, Do you plan to ask anything about me or MY needs?

This kind of industry insight is GOLD.

After all, Helena is one of the TOP decision makers in Canada!!

The way to strategically win corporate clients

Lesson learned – I call them the 4 As:

  • Allow yourself to be confident about your value.
  • Always, always, always put yourself in your prospects shoes.
  • Ask thoughtful questions to uncover what their top priority needs are (outcomes and results) that are most important to them.
  • Approach the conversation as a discovery session, not as a selling meeting.

If you want to be in the top 20% tier of consultants, you need to be that Trusted Advisor AND focus on selling an outcome or a result.

Two people in a business meeting.
Additionally, for people who have sold products (or widgets) to corporations before – and are now selling services – your own services (meaning selling YOU) – realize you don’t have to SELL at all – just be that Trusted Advisor.

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